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How to Integrate New Employees (Probationary Period)

As a general rule, every professional activity begins with a probationary period during which the work contract may be terminated with short notice by both parties. In Switzerland, the probation time usually ranges from 1 to 3 months with a notice of 7 days.

How to Select a a Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Human Resources can play an essential role as a "business partner" when implementing new IT solutions. The integration process will indeed have to rely on individuals and their competencies in order to be successful.

Le processus d'évaluation de fonction en entreprise - Exemple

La stratégie de rémunération doit être alignée sur la stratégie RH : elle concrétise la mission, la culture et la stratégie d’affaires de l’entreprise. Ainsi, une structure plate contenant peu de fourchettes, est typique d’une entreprise organisée de manière fluide, plus orientée-client, alors qu’une structure par niveau hiérarchique, comprenant plusieurs catégories qui se chevauchent, sera caractéristique d’une structure pyramidale dans laquelle l’avancement se fait en gravissant l’échelle de carrière.

Outsourcing: Risks & Opportunities

In response to the globalization of markets and the internationalization of competition, some companies are lead to outsource some of their activities in order to remain competitive. The successfulness of this approach is linked to certain conditions in which the human factor plays a major role.

How to Write an Employment Certificate - Sample

The certificate of employment is an integral part of the relationship between a company and its employees and should be handed out to every one of them once their employment contract is terminated - or simply upon their request. This document must in any case be produced in writing and printed on a sheet of paper that clearly identifies the company.

Dismissal Interview - Sample Warning Letter

Individual dismissals occur when an employee does not meet the requirements of the mission he/she has been given after his/her recruitment or rotation (including promotions) within the organization; it may also occur during the probationary period.
In any case, the aim of the dismissal interview will be to inform the employee of the decision that was made and of the reasons that have lead to it.


How to Manage Your Company's Absenteeism Rate - Sample Process / Swiss Statistics

It is well-known that absenteeism is costly, so that it is often admitted that a 1-to-1 ratio exists between the company's absenteeism rate and its cost in percents of the total payroll. This is due to the fact that the replacement and management of absent collaborators needs to be financed and that this situation causes additional costs in terms of overtime work and disorganization.

Business Succession Planning - Sample

The design of succession plans is an integral part of the advisory to the line on the development of the personnel, a key-activity for every up-to-date Chief HR Officer. Based on the company’s strategy and the ensuing budget forecasts, the latter will try to draw the line’s attention to succession-related issues. A company that neglects this aspect can indeed find itself helpless when confronted to a sudden rise in turnover among its managers.

Sample Development Plan / Training Program

The aim of a development plan is to design the training program that will allow for the optimization of the relation between an individual and the occupied position, while integrating the global goals defined by the company’s strategy. Indeed, the finality of all training approach is not simply the development of an individual, but the development of this individual in an organizational context.

How to Conduct an Assessment / Career Development Interview

The aim of an assessment interview is to identify the gaps between the collaborator’s competencies and his/her job's requirements (as defined in the person’s specifications), in order to determine priority development goals. This assessment can either take place in the context of the yearly appraisals, or be set up independently.

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