Pro JobEval™

« Job Evaluation Based On Activities, Human Skills and Human Flows »

Pro JobEval is a job description and evaluation tool based on activities, human skills and human flows. Since it was created by Pro Mind Consulting in 1998, it has benefited from a validation on the job market, as well as from constant updates and developments. A full-web version of Pro JobEval is available since October 2011.


The 2 main outputs are the following:

  • Job description: accessible to the incumbent of the evaluated position. This document, which includes the position's requirements in terms of competencies, as well as its mission statement and success indicators, can be used as well during the yearly appraisals as in a recruitment process. This form does not include the elements used for the calculation of the job's value.
  • Job evaluation: accessible only to administrators. This document includes all the qualitative elements present in the job description, as well as quantitative aspects linked to the job's value. Job evaluation thus quantifies the job's value in terms of points. It makes up the basis of a competence-based compensation system.
  • Access to a customizable web interface (logo, police style, colors)
  • An organization chart that is integrated within the management of access rights to the various questionnaires
  • A job evaluation that is based on activities, competencies and the management of human flow
  • The possibility to activate / deactivate the questionnaires that will be used in the job evaluation process
  • The possibility to adapt the questionnaires to the company's reality
  • The possibility to adapt the dictionaries to the company's strategic priorities

ProJob Eval preserves under any circumstances the private sphere of individuals, as well as the confidentiality of results.


1. Management of access rights on 3 levels:

  • Super-administrator: adapts the site, generate access rights…
  • Client-administrator: defines the respondents to the questionnaires, defines the company's organization chart, validates the syntheses of the questionnaires…
  • User: answers the questionnaires, access to all low-level questionnaires
    2. Synthesis and validation of the questionnaires by the administrator (HR Steering Comity)
    3. Validation of the weightings of questionnaires by the Board, in collaboration with the administrator