How to Perform a Job Description / Job Analysis Process

Job description in the company allows for the defining of both the employer’s and employees’ expectations, by clearly stating the collaborator’s required competencies and responsibilities. It is generally based on a job analysis and allows for the introduction of a new compensation system. It thus implies the conduct of a strategic reflection in collaboration with the company’s Board (defining of the position’s location within the organization, of its success indicators and of a dictionary of competencies).
Job description leads to the setting-up, for each position, of a summary document that presents its key-components. This document may be used, among others, during the recruitment process (writing of the job offer, definition of the job profile, integration of the new collaborator), for yearly appraisals (assessment of competencies, identification of gaps and setting-up of improvement / development goals) and for the introduction of a fair-pay system that is based on objective criteria – i.e. the collaborator’s level in terms of competencies and responsibilities.


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